The Edinburgh online film award welcomes films of all genres, and considers a film under 50 minutes to be a short.

Filmmakers must certify that they have obtained the necessary rights for any music used in their film, and must upload a digital screener to FilmFreeway.

The festival has no requirement for premiere status, so there is no need to wait to submit your film. However, it is important that the submitted project has secured all necessary rights and releases, including for music.

The festival only selects films that are free for audiences to view.

The festival looks for great stories that push the boundaries and take risks. They value compelling characters, immersive worlds, and stories that surprise and engage them, rather than being swayed by flashy visuals, famous actors, or one-dimensional humor that is commonly found in online videos.

While there are no set rules for what the festival looks for, we expect films to meet a certain level of quality and originality.

Unfortunately, submission fees are non-refundable, so filmmakers should be sure they want to submit their film before doing so.

While submitting a film does not guarantee acceptance, the festival provides an opportunity for filmmakers to have their work considered by a panel of judges.

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